AOTW, June 8th- Buy Sell Bye Cell, Boeboe

5 songs and 19 minutes, damn Jerry are you getting lazy on us? Welcome to the AOTW, with one that you can listen to in traffic! I have been in a very electronic mood recently, and this is one of my favorite gems I have. Boeboe is one of my favorite artists who needs more recognition. These five songs are all a different journey and seem way longer than 19 minutes. I can not stress how awesome it feels to say there is not a weak song on this album because there really isn’t one that I can skip. A short summary this is, but the album is simple and speaks for itself, which makes it a truly good album in my opinion. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you all soon!


SOTD, June 5- Hiding, San Holo ft. The Nicholas

Hope you guys enjoyed the 4th of July weekend! I took a couple days to focus on work, so writing today feels great. Today’s SOTD comes from one of my favorite electronic artists in San Holo. This loud and quick song seems to never take a break. After the first 45 seconds song, it’s like a rollercoaster with one small stop in between to drink some water if you want. A fast song, you need to listen to it a couple times to catch everything. You can listen to this song any time of the day, and if you need something to hype you up before the game this is your song to do it. Until next time thanks for the listen and see you guys soon!

SOTD, June 30- Cash Out, Calvin Harris Ft. ScHoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR & D.R.A.M

The SOTD coming from the AOTW, how ironic. Welcome to today’s SOTD which is a brand new song from arguably the album of the summer. This song has a super poppy feel, with everything from piano to violins to synth bass this song has it all. This song is great for how effortlessly it flows. ScHoolboy Q has two great verses, that shows how great his flow is on a different beat than we usually see him on. PARTYNEXTDOOR kills the chorus which ties the song together very well. Then D.R.A.M comes on in the end with a fun verse which he talks about you guessed it, weed and collard greens. This song puts the Bounce in Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1, and more people should really be talking about it because it could be up there for top 3 songs on this stacked album. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you soon!

AOTW, June 30- Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1, Calvin Harris

“Calvin Harris redefines the banger… It’s a smooth and soulful forecast for where music is headed next.” Welcome to this weeks AOTW, which just came out yesterday. This ten song 38-minute journey is one albums of the summer. With four hit songs that were released early (Slide, Ft. Frank Ocean and The Migos, Heatstroke, Ft. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, Rollin, Ft. Khalid and Future, and Feels Ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Big Sean) this album did not disappoint. This album had many huge stars on it, such as Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Kehlani, Travis Scott, Lil Yachty are just a few of a star-studded list. Out of the new songs that were released yesterday, I recommend that you listen to Cash Out, Prayers Up, and Holiday, even though there is not a weak song on this album. A hit for sure, I already can not wait for Volume 2, and again Calvin Harris makes the summer his. Until next time, thanks for the read and I’ll see you soon!

SOTD, June 29- untitled 08 l 09.06.2014., Kendrick Lamar

No name, but Kendrick still spits game. Today’s SOTD comes again from Kendrick Lamar (no he’s not my favorite artist), this song comes off of one of his weirder albums, Untitled Unmastered. This song is catchy, and I honestly wish he would have named it and threw it in an album because it’s a very relaxed song. The background beat has somewhat of an electronic feel, but not enough to be a pop song. Kendrick is very relaxed on this song, seeming to have fun with this song. Still, his flow is great with something that can make you smile with how fun it is. Sometimes, after all of the deeper hits Kendrick makes, to hear a song that is relaxing from him is good to hear too. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you soon!

SOTD, June 28- Past Life, Tame Impala

“It was my lover.” Welcome to this Wednesday’s SOTD is a journey, of finding a past lover. This emotional journey that is very well complimented by the music tells of the singer meeting his “past lover” at the dry cleaners in his rear view mirror. The song starts as a narrative, breaks into the chorus and then continues with us hearing about the past, “somewhere between a lover and a friend”, which leads the narrator to believe it was not really even though he tells us it is. As he tries to pass along the day, he realizes how much this affects him, and tries to find out if she once was the same person that she was. A story to tell, that really describes the great illusion that Tame Impala can perform, but something is for sure. We never have seen a band like Tame Impala in any past lives. Until next time, thank you for the read and see you soon!

SOTD, June 27- Hopeless, Khalid

“Hopeless, hopelessly romantic”, three words that sum up my “amazing” love life. Today’s SOTD is one of the happiest sad songs you can listen. This energetic song and beat go great with Khalid’s one in million voice. This is a song you can dance to because it is fun and very poppy but also has very relatable lyrics. Sometimes, if you want something to dance to, then look for this song. If you want to sing your heart our about your love life, do it to this song. The saddest happy song I know, it works for anything. Until next time, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

SOTD, June 26- We Got U, Lemaitre & The Knocks

First things first, sorry for not posting this weekend, just life has been very busy and I wanted to make a post that would be worth reading so I didn’t. But, back to the SOTD, which is a great pick me up on a long Monday. This electronic song is upbeat and very poppy. The lyrics are even about picking you up, and being positive, something we all need to hear on a Monday. Listen to it first thing in the morning, when you need that pick me up, just know Lemaitre & The Knocks got U. Until next time thanks for the read and see you soon!

SOTD, June 23- My Moment, Tee Grizzley

#LebronChallenge is in full effect. Today’s SOTD got the approval of King James and is a weekend banger. This song, that starts with a slower beat and talks about getting through the courts, get stronger and tougher as the song on. This song will have you on your feet and wanting to move, as Tee Grizzley goes in on the beat. This song does have mumble rap feeling, as Tee raps very, very fast. Still, this song goes hard and will have your head bopping with Lebron because this song is great. Tee is making a name for himself, and if he keeps it up, he may be this generation’s, King.

AOTW, June 23- Wolf, Tyler the Creator

18 songs, 1 hour and 10 minutes, one wacky storyline. Welcome to the AOTW, going to Wolf by everyone’s favorite creator, Tyler. This long and interesting album explores many topics. Some include family deaths, first crushes, and a love triangle that goes on during the album. Weird, I know, but I promise you this album does not disappoint. This album has so many great songs that I still jam to today. Some include Jamba (ft. Hodgy Beats),  Awkward, Domo23, Answer, Slater (ft. Frank Ocean), 48, Colossus, PartyIsntOver/ Campfire, Bimmer (ft. Laetitia Sadier and Frank Ocean), IFHY (ft. Pharrell Williams) and much more. This album takes many different turns and has dark sides with brightness hidden in it. Never doubt Tyler, because, with his creativity, only the best comes from his head.