AOTW, June 23- Wolf, Tyler the Creator

18 songs, 1 hour and 10 minutes, one wacky storyline. Welcome to the AOTW, going to Wolf by everyone’s favorite creator, Tyler. This long and interesting album explores many topics. Some include family deaths, first crushes, and a love triangle that goes on during the album. Weird, I know, but I promise you this album does not disappoint. This album has so many great songs that I still jam to today. Some include Jamba (ft. Hodgy Beats),  Awkward, Domo23, Answer, Slater (ft. Frank Ocean), 48, Colossus, PartyIsntOver/ Campfire, Bimmer (ft. Laetitia Sadier and Frank Ocean), IFHY (ft. Pharrell Williams) and much more. This album takes many different turns and has dark sides with brightness hidden in it. Never doubt Tyler, because, with his creativity, only the best comes from his head.


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