AOTW, June 8th- Buy Sell Bye Cell, Boeboe

5 songs and 19 minutes, damn Jerry are you getting lazy on us? Welcome to the AOTW, with one that you can listen to in traffic! I have been in a very electronic mood recently, and this is one of my favorite gems I have. Boeboe is one of my favorite artists who needs more recognition. These five songs are all a different journey and seem way longer than 19 minutes. I can not stress how awesome it feels to say there is not a weak song on this album because there really isn’t one that I can skip. A short summary this is, but the album is simple and speaks for itself, which makes it a truly good album in my opinion. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you all soon!


SOTD, June 5- Hiding, San Holo ft. The Nicholas

Hope you guys enjoyed the 4th of July weekend! I took a couple days to focus on work, so writing today feels great. Today’s SOTD comes from one of my favorite electronic artists in San Holo. This loud and quick song seems to never take a break. After the first 45 seconds song, it’s like a rollercoaster with one small stop in between to drink some water if you want. A fast song, you need to listen to it a couple times to catch everything. You can listen to this song any time of the day, and if you need something to hype you up before the game this is your song to do it. Until next time thanks for the listen and see you guys soon!