SOTD, June 22- Walking On a Dream, Empire of the Sun

I promise you when you hear this song for the first time, you’ll think of some type of commercial. Today’s SOTD is great background music, but just because it’s a simple song does not make it a bad song. This somewhat loopy song gets your attention because it sounds good. This song is short, just like the disruption I’m going to give it, but definitely, check it out.  Until next time, thanks for the read and I’ll see you tomorrow!


SOTD, June 21- Mirror Maru, Cashmere Cat

Welcome to a new wave of music, this isn’t dubstep, this isn’t alternative, this is electronic. Today’s SOTD is a wacky song, that will capture you’re ears for it’s pure sound. Mirror Maru is outside of the box, just like its name. The song is quirky, with simple piano chords being the only real norm in the song. Still this song is a quiet masterpiece, that makes itself seem like powerful triumphant movement that slowly retreats to an innoncent mystery. This song will have confused, but in a way that you may not want to solve the puzzle. Until next time, thank you for the read and see you soon! 

SOTD, June 19-20- Lose Yourself to Dance, Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams 

I had a great tiring day yesterday, I’m sorry I forgot to post a song, but this song is good enough for both days. Today’s SOTD is made by a group of legends, and one amazing singer. This song which is very simple lyrically will catch you with its impressive guitar and bass. Pharrell’s vocals shine even if he’s not singing the hardest lyrics, but he makes them perfect. A little eletorincal voice is a like a staple of Daft Punk in this song, and for five minutes, you’ll feel like you’re in a 1980’s club with this almost timeless song. Thank you for the read, and I’ll see you soon! 

SOTD, June 18- Not the Only One, Micheal Christmas ft. Tobi Lou

“Today I didn’t go outside, I know I’m only one.” Before we start the song review, happy Fathers Day to all dad like figures in our lives! I learned so much about music from my father, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Now back to business, today’s  SOTD is a sad one, but somewhat relatable one. Micheal Christmas takes us through the things he does in a normal life, and the struggles he faces like we do. Such as doing the dishes, losing 2k games, or watching Naruto. These things may seem simple, but it shows a humble side to a growing rapper that Christmas is becoming. The beat is slow with a flute and piano chords that will stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Christmas shows a lot of maturity in this song, not just with truthful and honest lyrics, but his flow is strong on this slower beat. This song is one to listen to and laugh at how relatiable it can be, and for people like me, it’s a theme song. Until next time thank you for the read and see you next time! 

SOTD, June 17- Voices in My Head/ Stick To the Plan, Big Sean

“Stick to the plan, stay focused.” Today’s SOTD is one track but is two songs in a four minute and three second song. This song is impressive for two reasons, and both make this song special. First, Big Sean shows how good his flow is, only stopping to let Metro Boomin get his well-deserved shoutout in between the switching of the song/beat. Metro Boomin deserves credit as well, as the switching of the song sounds effortless and painless. The combination of Big Sean being able to keep with a flow beat, and Metro Boomin with amazing transitions. This makes this song a must listen to.

AOTW, June 16- 24K Magic, Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is not Michael Jackson, and as similar as they may sound, there differences are there as well. Welcome to this week’s AOTW by Michael Jackson…. oh it by Bruno Mars? In all seriousness, this album is a must listen to due to the fact it has seven great songs that you can play by shuffling the songs or in order Mars has them arranged. This song is considered a in the pop genre by Apple Music, but I feel it does not give it credit for the R&B and fuck type vibes some of these songs give. 24K Magic and That’s What I Like the two most successful songs have an 80’s feel to them with some modern touches that sound more like R&B than Pop. Then songs like Chucky and Perm have a very bright and poppy beat with a pretty fast tempo. Still this song almost trades off what type of album it wants to be, and it has a little bit of everything. There are some pop and R&B songs as mentioned before, and there are also some slow songs in Versace On The Floor and Too Good To Say Goodbye which change the whole complexion of the album. Still, from the first song to the last, Mars sounds like he is having fun the whole time, and for most of this album, you can dance with him. Bruno Mars keeps his magic in this album, and no matter how much money you have, when you listen to this album you’re going to feel like you’re living the big life. Until next time thanks for the read and I’ll see you tomorrow.

SOTD, June 16- Purple, ThiDaniel

Welcome to the new wave of R&B. Today’s SOTD is a new school but has a very mature sound to it. ThiDaniel’s song is very vibrant, with a nice guitar that doesn’t take center stage but is a great constant in the song. The beat is very basic, and ThiDAniel’s vocals make it the great song it is. With a lot of new school terminology, such as “skrrt skrrt” in the chorus you can tell this song is written in this generation. Still, as simple as this song is, it sounds really well and is strong from start to finish. The song speaks more for itself, as it gets addicting to listen to. This weekend, don’t be afraid to put this on when you’re out and about because I promise it will be worth it. Until next time, thank you very much for the read and I’ll see you tomorrow.

SOTD, June 15- Warm on a Cold Night, HONNE ft. Amine

Today’s SOTD is a sleeper song that really should be more in the spotlight. This song by HONNE is a very energitc alternative hit that really makes you feel warm inside. Amine adds more of that “warm” feeling with his verse to start song, with some interesting rhymes that will make you smile because of how cleaver they are. This song is one to smile, and is one you can listen to in the summer because it’s a positive song. Personally this is a great song to listen to in the dog days of February when everything seems long and cold. You could even listen to it tonight it has that type of feel, and that’s what I’m going to do for sure. Until next time thank you for the read and see you tommrow for the SOTD and AOTW.

SOTD, June 14- Meditation, GoldLink ft. Jazmine Sullivan & KAYTRANADA 

Today’s SOTD is made by a rising star with a good debut album. Meditation is a rap / Hip Hop song with a very glossy and poppy beat.  This somewhat unorthodox beat by KAYTRANADA makes this song seem more like an R&B song than rap, but GoldLink’s verses and flow fit the beat perfect. Jazmine Sullivan shines on the chorus and makes helps give the song more of an R&B vibe to it as well. This song has a weird ending where we sound like we are at a party and we hear gunshots. This doesn’t make a lot of sense if you listen to the song as a single, but if you to the whole album (which I highly recommend) it fits the storyline of the album. At What Cost is the album this song features on and is GoldLink’s first album as well, which for a first album is very strong. This is one of those songs that you sit back and enjoy because it’s a beautiful mess and one that actually makes sense. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you tomorrow!

SOTD, June 13- Duckworth, Kendrick Lamar

“Whoever thought the greatest rapper would be from coincidence?” Today’s SOTD again comes from DAMN. This song is one I can not stop listening too, as it tells a great story about Kendrick’s dad or in the song “Top Dawg”. This song tells about how “Top Dawg” Anthony Tiffith didn’t kill “Ducky” at the KFC he was trying to rob. This song is told by Kendrick, the son of Tiffith and how his life is impacted because of this. This song comes from the 80’s time period, and it sounds like it as well. With samples from Let the Drums Speak (1975), Be Ever Wonderful (1978), and Ostavi Trag (1976) gives it that old school feel. The beat in this song is basic and sounds like something Biggie Smalls or Nas would spit rap on in their careers. The song ends with us going in reverse to then hearing the words “So I was takin a walk the other day” which is the first line of the album on the song Blood which helps to understand the whole story line behind this album. This isn’t the first time Kendrick has put a storyline behind one of his albums. In Good Kid, M.A.A.D City there is a story line that is told usually after the song. This only makes the album better to listen to, and keeps the idea of listening to the whole album and not just the hit songs alive, and I personally love it. Until next time, thanks for the read and see you tomorrow!